One question always emerges within every BIM project: do we have good 3D content and is everything available and up to date in the software or online? MEPcontent is the library with content for every MEP engineer.

MEPcontent has graphic and parametric article information on technical installation products that can be used directly in any BIM process. In close collaboration with manufacturers like ABB, Trox, Henrad, OBO Betermann, Remeha, Philips, and many others. MEPcontent offers files of commonly used products for Revit and AutoCAD. These files are free and open: any engineer can use them.


MEPcontent is the content library for every MEP engineer. On this site you will find up-to-date graphic and parametric product information that is ready to use in any BIM process.

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MEPcontent subscription

With MEPcontent subscription, you sign up for manufacturer specific content and associated software features.

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The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been prepared by Stabiplan in order to clarify for MEP engineers throughout Europe that there is a need for high-quality and uniform content or graphical article information.

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Are you a manufacturer and do you want to take the next step in BIM? Then make sure that your product range is also on MEPcontent.


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MEPcontent Browser

The MEPcontent Browser lets you easily find content from MEPcontent and then use it directly in your design, in just a few clicks.

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MEPcontent Revit Apps

Designing reliable MEP systems in Revit gets much easier with the MEPcontent apps. Our apps will increase your productivity by offering ease in designing with manufacturer specific content. Download the app you need from the MEPcontent store today.

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